House Oude Westhof

Featuring a Bowers & Wilkins 600 series cinema with AMX home automation system to control all AV, Lighting, Access control and security. Special features include Clarke Synthesis transducers fitted to each cinema chair to send shock waves through the chair with each explosion and gunshot in the war movies of which our client is a big fan. We had to add frequency- and volume filters to the amplifiers to limit-, and only send the big sounds through to the chairs.

The room only had 6 ceiling lights connected on one light circuit. We split the ceiling into three dimmable zones: front, middle and back and we added wall and step lights for multiple lighting moods. 

As part of the home automation programming, we set the wall and step lights to switch on when the cinema door is opened, but only if the room is not in use.

Photography by Eric Uys Photography
Decorative fabric panels by Peace River Interiors

AMX Home Automation System
Bowers & Wilkins Speakers
Sensibo Aircon integration
Skydrop Irrigation control
SONOS Soundbars
Bond Bridge motorised curtains & blinds integration
Somfy Curtain & Blinds
RAKO Cinema Lighting
Hikvision Cameras
Heatmiser Underfloor Heating