Home Automation

Control4 offers smart home solutions that deliver peace of mind, comfort, convenience, and a whole lot of wow. From smart locks, cameras and video door stations, intelligent lighting, and thermostats to universal remotes, stunning home theater setups, and audio offerings. Featuring high-resolution music that can stream in every room, Control4 smart living experiences can be personalized for any size home or budget.

A smart home operating system (OS) connects virtually all of the technology in your home. With Control4 Smart Home OS 3, you and your family can control nearly every device and system in the house in ways that are easy and fun to use.

Control4 Universal Remote Control

The Control4 SR-260 remotes are the perfect hand-held interfaces to the whole home. These beautiful remotes feel good in the hand, have an intuitive button layout perfect for one-handed operation, and are highly customizable.
Beautiful ergonomics and powerful programmability give homeowners the perfect one-handed remote for their whole smart home, from entertainment to smart lighting, security, comfort, and more.


  • Fast and responsive, the remote responds right when you need it.
  • Multiple custom buttons make it easy to personalize the remote for each room or activity.
  • Big, bright, higher-resolution screen displays customizable colors and supports multiple languages.
  • Perfect for any home worldwide, the remote is available with standard
  • English buttons and international icons.

Control4 NEEO Universal Remote Control

The Neeo Remote for Control4 puts the power of Control4 Smart Home OS 3 in the palm of your hand. The remote’s machined aluminium chassis and intuitive interface are expertly crafted to bring a highly refined experience to your media room. The Neeo Remote controls television, movies, music, lights, thermostats, and virtually anything else in a Control4 Smart Home.

Its 81 mm (3.2-inch), high-resolution touchscreen and software-driven graphical interface reduce the number of buttons and make personalized features of Smart Home OS 3—like favorites—available now from a handheld remote. It includes physical buttons for the essentials, so it’s easy to mute the movie or adjust the volume without looking down.

The Neeo Remote is more than a television remote—it is a smart home interaction device that is always available and easy for anyone to use.

Control4 Touch Screen

The Control4 In-Wall Touch Screens deliver always-on, dedicated control over all the technology in your home. Featuring gorgeous, low-profile designs with edge-to-edge glass and stunning, high-resolution graphics, these touch screens look amazing on any wall.

All models include video intercom for convenient communications from room to room or with visitors at the door. When combined with the Intercom Anywhere smartphone app and a 4Sight subscription, they can also use the intercom capabilities in Control4 touch screens to communicate with family members on their smartphones whether they are at home or out of town.
Available in 7” and 10” versions, the T3 Series In-Wall Touch Screens provide dedicated and elegant control of your home.

HD camera combined with high-quality speakers and microphone provide the best intercom experience yet.
Available in gloss white or black.

Fireplace Integration

Enjoy the best possible fire experience that comes from a gas burning fire. You can go to bed and hit the good night button confident in the fact that the fire has turned off along with the other services in the house.

With the fireplace integrated you can dim the lights, start your favourite playlist and turn on the fire to set the mood with the push of a button.

Motorised Blinds

Choose between block-out fabric or sheerweave to block the UV rays while maintaining your view.

Motorised blinds connected to programmed timers can protect your furniture and artworks from harmful UV Rays during the day or they can automatically close after sunset to give you privacy.

A full range of colors and fabrics guarantees that it will always fit into your interior design.

Integrated into Control4 commands can be set up based on the position of the sun.

Motorised Curtains

The elegance of motorised curtains adds unique functionality when thinking of a smart home. Not only will you avoid many hands pulling on delicate fabrics, but you will also be able to close many curtains at the same time by grouping them on the remote or control system as part of your “Goodnight”- Scene

Curtains in double volume areas are recommended to be motorized as they are most likely to get damaged.

Curtains can open from left to right, vice versa, or center-opening. The tracks can also follow a 90- or 45 degree bend.

Air-conditioning Control

Through the Control4 system you will be able to control the temperature in any room from within the house or from abroad if for example you can want to heat or cool the house before you arrive from the airport.

CoolMasterNet is a universal communication bridge that allows VRF/VRV heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems connectivity. Furthermore, the solution enables integration to centralised control systems, such as home automation, voice control devices and remote control mobile apps.

This interface connects to the Air-con bus and so there is a clear division line between the air-con system and the control system which enables swift and easy troubleshooting.

Under Floor Heating Control

Heatmiser room thermostats, including wireless and RF models enables you to reduce your energy consumption.

Neo is the most flexible Smart Room Thermostat solution on the market today – offering underfloor heating control as well as radiator and hot water solutions.

The neoAir Wireless Thermostat supports Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and HomeKit and is always improving with our free software updates. Integrated with Control4, you will never forget any heating on without you knowing. Receive push notifications if left on when you are the alarm to leave the house.

Heated Towel Rails

Heated Towel rails provide an easy and inexpensive means of adding the finishing touch and that extra bit of luxury to any bathroom space.

Heated towel rails dry your towels, making them useful in humid or cold climates while keeping your bathroom hygienic as dry towels negate any chance of a damp breeding ground for germs and mould.

Integrated with Control4, you will be able to set timers to fit into your daily routine and you will never forget

Equipment Rack

All the equipment is located in a central rack which forms the brain of the home and is the central nervous system that runs the entire house. Each equipment rack is custom made and tailored to control the specific project and provide its unique functionality.

We build all the AV racks offsite in our test facility where in a clean and controlled environment we can setup and pre-program the equipment. The rack is then delivered to site and installed to minimize disruption and ensure a reliable and effortless end result.

WiFi Network

WiFi access points distribute the crucially important internet throughout the entire house or office. All the mobile devices, TVs and other connected devices rely on proper wifi signal to connect to the internet, but also to connect to the other devices which is connected to the same network like printers, TVs, wireless speakers and home automation system.